Starbucks offers their first Braille Gift Card

In honor of Disability Awareness Month, Starbucks is offering a rechargeable gift card with the Starbucks name embossed on it in braille. Braille is only available on one card, their Fall Leaves pattern version. Braille on cards like these is important because it lets users tell by feel which card is in their hand.

Gift card with Fall leaves graphic and Starbucks in braille

Starbucks Fall Leaves Card

Here is an excerpt from the Starbucks blog post that announced the cards:

This fall, for the first time, one of our new Starbucks Cards has Braille on it. National disability leaders made this recommendation to us a few years ago at a community symposium. Our Starbucks Access Alliance initiated the idea with our Card team and helped make it happen.
from Braille Banter
on the Starbucks Blog

Notice that, so far, this is a one-shot thing, just for this single occasion. Also notice that it’s been a long time in the making, a recommendation having been made “a few years ago.” In my opinion, the long time span shows that whatever small things we do in support of accessibility can add up and bring results over time.

How to Support the Starbucks Braille Card

  • Comment on the Starbucks blog post.
  • Do you have a Twitter, Google +1 or Facebook account? Share the post via the Social Media buttons on the post.
  • Post about your interest in the braille card, directly on the Starbucks Facebook Wall.
  • Include “@starbucksidea” or “@starbucks” in tweets about the card. Starbucks might miss tweets about a “braille card,” but chances are that they watch tweets directed at their own Twitter accounts.
  • Buy a gift card. Christmas is coming – buy two and give one to a friend! The Fall Leaves card is the one with braille.
  • Register on Comment on suggestions about braille, or post your own, new ideas. Would anyone like to ask for braille on a Christmas-patterned card?
  • Call your local Starbucks to ask if they have the brailled card in stock.
  • Keep that brailled coffee card and re-charge it at your favorite Starbucks.
  • Mention how nice it is to have the braille version every time you use your card. Encourage others to do the same.

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