Braille Transcription Services

Virtually anything that is printed can be transcribed into braille.

Over the years I have brailled menus, legal and medical documents, bank statements, pay stubs, workplace materials, training manuals, seminar and workshop materials, bus schedules, letters, invitations, spice bottle labels, address lists and so much more.

Braille opens opportunities at all levels of life. If you are a sighted person, imagine how it would be if you had no access to print and were without a way to write your ideas and communications or even a grocery list. You would have to rely on what others chose to tell you, plus information from electronic devices such as radios, television and computers. Braille at public venues opens doors for customers who read with their fingers.

Submitting Material to Be Brailled

Though I can scan printed material, text or Word Processor files are the most efficient way for me and the most economical for you. Most pdf files will also work. Send files as an attachment to an email message, or through the mail on a CD or thumb drive.

For some items, such as restaurant menus and brochures, I like to have the hard copy or a pdf file along with the text or Word file. This lets me format the braille to better correspond with the print presentation.

Contracted or Uncontracted Braille

Standard braille is known as contracted (grade 2) braille and is the braille most often used. Most of my transcriptions are in contracted braille.

I am happy to do your work in uncontracted (grade 1) braille, if that is your preference.

Braille Paper

Brailled materials will be embossed on your choice of 8½” x 11” or 11” x 11 ½” white, heavy weight braille paper.

Choice of Braille Embossing

The braille can be on one side of the page (single-sided) or on both sides of the page (interpoint). Interpoint is the most popular choice.


I offer three choices of binding:

  • Stapling
  • 19-hole-punch plastic comb binding without covers
  • 19-hole-punch plastic comb binding with flexible cloudy/clear vinyl covers

Custom Orders

Please talk to me about your special orders, such as wedding invitations, letters, greeting cards, labels, etc. There are many ways that a little bit of braille can make a big difference.

Getting Your Braille

Your braille will be mailed to you FREE MATTER FOR THE BLIND if you are eligible to use this mailing privilege. Otherwise it will be sent First Class and the cost included in your invoice.


My fees are variable depending on the complexity of the project and your choice of binding and covers when needed. I strive to keep costs affordable, as I understand how important braille is to the braille reader.

Braille takes more space than print, requiring two to three braille pages, and sometimes even more, for every print page, depending on the font and formatting of the print. Minimum fee per document is $10. You may pay by check, cash, money order, purchase order or direct deposit.

I will be happy to talk with you about your project.