About Carolyn Meyer

It is said that a good braille transcriber must have a romance with the words that make up a language, a penchant for detail, and an eye toward perfection. When it comes to braille, I confess to meeting this definition.

Over 20 Years of Braille Transcription Experience

I have been transcribing braille since I was certified by the Library of Congress as a Literary Braille Transcriber in 1991. My initial transcription was a Washington State Social Studies text book for a Seattle elementary school. My affiliation was the Seattle Area Braillists (SAB), a volunteer group that brailled materials for the public schools in Washington.

Leadership in Education

Next came fifteen years as founder and director of the Louis Braille Center. At the Center, we provided expanded braille transcribing services and added a program for blind children and their families. The children’s activities led to the formation of Louis Braille School, a private school for special needs children.

For five wonderful years, the School provided a unique holistic program for its very special students. The School was honored to receive the Washington Council of the Blind “One World Award.” During these years, braille transcribing activities were reduced to part time, in order to focus on the school.

A Dedicated Braille Transcription Service

Things have come full circle, and I am pleased to again offer full-time braille transcribing services. My expertise is literary braille. My goal is excellent braille, quick turnaround, and affordable prices. I especially enjoy those seemingly small tasks that make such a big difference to the individual.

Future Plans

Perkins the Braille Dog was a regular visitor to our companion site, the Louis Braille School. The big Airedale grew up dozing by my chair as I prepared thousands of pages of braille for clients all across the country. He moved to another room, however, when the noisy electronic braille embosser started up, much preferring the gentler sound of the manual Perkins Brailler, for which he was named.

Perkins the Braille Dog is the mascot of the redesigned Louis Braille School website. Over a hundred thousand children who are learning about Louis Braille have sought answers on the Louis Braille School website and its predecessor, the Louis Braille Center website. Louisbrailleschool.org is an online resource focused on learning about Louis Braille and the braille code.