Braille Literacy Month

January is National Braille Literacy Month. January was selected for the honor because it is the birth month of Louis Braille, the Frenchman who at age 16 created the raised dot method of reading and writing for those who are blind.

Those of you who have eyes that see, imagine for a few minutes how your life would be if you had no access to print. You could not read books, newspapers, restaurant menus, street signs, maps, utility bills, or your personal mail. You would have no way to jot down a grocery shopping list, an address or a phone number. You would not be able to write a letter and share your private thoughts without engaging someone to help you. Your only access to information would be through what others choose to tell you or by listening to the radio, TV and other electronic devices.

Braille makes all of these things available to those whose eyes do not see. Virtually anything in print can be put into braille.

How can you help your braille-reading friends?

  • Send a brailled greeting card to your friend along with your personal braille note.
  • Ask his or her favorite restaurant to have its menus done in braille, perhaps offering to pay the cost if the restaurant balks.
  • Perhaps the church will agree to do its Sunday bulletins in braille, or music lyrics for a blind person who wishes to sing in the choir.
  • Invite a braille-reading friend to your special event with a braille invitation.
  • Have the users manual for a new kitchen appliance done in braille.
  • A little bit of braille can make a big difference. For a nominal cost, we can help with all of these ideas and many more.

    Please let me know how I may be of help.

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