Braille for Special Events

“I need braille” filled the subject field of an email inquiry. The request was for braille copies of a wedding invitation, reception invitation and reply card. My new client was to be married soon and wanted her friends to have invitations in a form they could read.

When the recipient received the invitation, she assumed it was in print and put it aside without opening it. Her reader was coming soon and would read it to her. The reader arrived the following week, opened the envelope, glanced at the contents and handed it back. It was braille, and she couldn’t read braille. What a happy surprise it was for the braille reader to read her mail independently and privately.

wedding programs
The braille didn’t stop with the invitation. The thoughtful bride-to-be also asked me to braille two copies of the wedding ceremony program and the words for hymns that were sung. She dressed up the braille programs with lovely ribbons and displayed them alongside similarly decorated print programs to be handed out as guests arrived.

For minimal effort and at nominal cost, we can prepare braille invitations and similar items for your special event. It will be appreciated more than you may realize.

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